Saturday, February 11, 2017

I am Back!

13 years ago I was introduced to blogging by Woon Han, my primary school best friend who have taught me a lot.

One thing lead to another. My passion for blogging grew along with my other hobbies and my dedication to IT grew so much it became my career.

Era has move along, from blogging from a cyber cafe to owning my first pc, laptop, and now blogging from my trusted smartphone.

Who knew technology would grow so far. We would never imagine having high speed internet that we can bring along around the world, accessing to personal notes and global information from the palm of our hand.

Today, social media is mature enough to sell things online, to be content creator that earns a great living. To connect with friends and flings within our palm.

13 years ago, I wouldn't believe I couldbhave learnt so much and do so much with technology. We no longer need books  to learn, you can google everything with several reference to justify your information.

Without further a due, we shall have this blog filled with life hacks to help noobies like us.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hashtag Craze

One thing I would never understand is people Hashtagging everything.

People would go to the mall, take a picture of a new shoe he bought and then:

I mean, why hashtag everything?
U could have just do this:

Tho a hypocrite at heart, I do post a million photos of myself with the same pose.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

All new Chuckie Cotton is back!

Guys, I'm back in the blogosphere.
Prolly no one gives a damn.

I promise to be a bad boy again!

A simple timeline to sum up everything.

These prolly sum up everything that I could think of from where I left.

This time around, my blog would a different than before.
It'll be packed with lifehacks, practical stuff, things that might be useful.
With a touch of "The Obnoxious Chuck" of course.

Btw, do check out"

Signing off with no one reading.